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Innovation is vital to success in the highly competitive market of current IT Industry. At TELMA we take business idea to next level where it can emerge as a strategic solutions for users.

We transform an idea into reality with our knowledge, expertise and commitment.

Our two decades of engineering experience will help in product development life cycle, whether the need is to support a single stage of the product development cycle or take end-to-end ownership.

Our solutions are developed using the latest technologies, proprietary methodologies with a best-in-class team of subject matter experts spanning various industry domains.

TELMA SOLUTIONS LLC is building a PARTY PLACES web & cloud-based event management platform to more easily connect consumers to party vendors of all sorts. Our solution addresses the difficult problem of matching limited vendor space to consumer demand preferences. This is accomplished through providing solutions for both sides of the events and meeting value chain – a) a vendors/subcontractors and b) consumers. Our cloud-based vendor program enables vendors to manage their demand, understand referral marketing sources, manage customer outreach and sub-contract for additional services within their facility. Our mobile consumer solution enables the consumer to enter all relevant information for their event and find a vendor that matches their specifications.

Party Places

Party Places offers two products in the event vendor management and customer booking platform.

The Vendor Management analytics enables businesses to manage the space available for rent and drive utilization of the space in order to profit off of consumer demand. The Vendor Management analytics are provided as part of the Party Places service- the vendor, through their payment to Party Places as part of the customer booking, will receive this product gratis with the intention to manage their business better.

The Customer Booking platform is a web-based & mobile-first, consumer-centric software as a service that enables consumers who are looking to host an event a one-stop shop to book a venue, manage ancillary services, and manage their current bookings with the goal of simplifying what was previously a manual process to bring all of these services together.