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Overview :- Telma Solutions provides Application Design services that helps to put the needs of your end users first. From making applications more usable and users more productive, to making sure performance will run smoothly across multiple platforms of engagement, it all starts with careful design.

With Custom Application Design services we deliver a solution demo that gives clients the visibility to see what the end product will look like. This is part of our custom application strategy and it ensures that all stakeholders are heard; that budget needs and other constraints are understood and met; that business users gain maximum usability and productivity; and that solutions once developed will align with enterprise infrastructure and platforms.

Approach :- Our approach to Custom Application Design includes everything from Detailing Requirements to creating the Application Architecture. We can estimate Build & Validation activities, or validate existing estimates to ensure that they are good to go.

Our specific capabilities include:

  • Analyze requirements and detail them to understand how the functional requirements specified by the user can be implemented as an application
  • Identify the non-functional requirements of the application including security requirements, performance requirements and extensible.
  • Determine the ideal architecture for implementing the solution, including the deployment architecture and the technology components.
  • Assess application architecture to ensure it complies to industry standard and domain specific best practices – security, deployment, extensible and so on.

Why Telma for Your Application Design

The hallmarks of our Custom Application Design services include:

  • Requirements Center of Excellence with experience on multiple domains is part of the Consulting team that helps detail requirements from functional requirements.
  • Technology team work to identify solutions and determine application architecture.
  • Strong robust processes support architecture assessment and compliance verification.
  • Strong estimation methods revolve around software engineering methodologies and providing guidance to choose the best fit for project needs; supported by Telma Solutions Delivery Excellence team.