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Highly proficient technical design for your on-demand, multiscreen, or advertising initiatives.

Providing the right start :- It’s essential that your on-demand, multiscreen or advertising initiative starts with a proper foundation. Telma Solutions Architecture team translates your business and technical goals into an overarching and customized architecture design.

Evaluate and accelerate :- Customers increasingly consult the Solutions Architecture team when undertaking evaluations of third-party products for integration into their architecture. The team may also accelerate product features, should release time frames fall short of customer implementation goals.

Broad and deep experience :- Telma Solutions Architecture team applies detailed, first-hand knowledge of varied customer business challenges, technical environments, and Telma Solutions and third-party systems and applications.


  • System integration and technical interface (API) expertise
  • Creation and continuation of project and systems technical overview
  • Provision of a primary technical interface to collaborate with customers to define technical requirements, design and follow-up
  • Application of advanced methods, theories and research techniques to develop the system design (architecture)
  • Collaboration with third-party software vendors on integration issues
  • Acting as lead integrator if appointed, designing and scoping custom feature development or extensions of existing products
  • Establishment of methods of approach, means of problem resolution, project progress reviews, technical corrections recommendations, and results evaluation