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When should you look to migration services?

Lack of in-house expertise and Disruption to in-house expertise needs to be minimized.

Through the support and expertise of the our team of data center technicians and support staff, you will receive a full migration strategy engineered to ensure that your transition to our enterprise-class data centers is fast, secure and leaves you worry-free.

Whether migrating your Active Directory and Exchange email environment, a virtual environment, or your racks of physical servers, Telma's migration solutions ensure a seamless, efficient and secure transition.

Our Migration Services

  • PHYSICAL EQUIPMENT MIGRATION SERVICES :- Telma’s physical migration services offer a un-rack, pack, ship and re-rack migration strategy – resulting in the secure transitioning of your physical servers, hardware, and physical storage equipment into an enterprise-class data center.
  • PHYSICAL TO VIRTUAL OR VIRTUAL TO VIRTUAL MIGRATION :- With our virtual migration services, we work to ensure the successful migration of your physical or virtual infrastructure to dedicated virtual co-location environment. Our staff will coordinate the physical transport or over-the-wire transport of your servers – identifying critical components and developing a strategic migration plan that ensures minimal disruption to data, services and application availability.
  • ACTIVE DIRECTORY AND EXCHANGE EMAIL MIGRATION :- Migrate your current Active Directory and Exchange email environment into a hosted or dedicated environment. Our Exchange Migration services offer you the full support of Telma’s best practices, expert resources and support personnel – meaning a successful migration with minimal disruption to your daily workflow.