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Efficient infrastructure management is the key to the success of an organization. Application installation is not enough, IT infrastructure needs to be configured correctly and also updated from time to time. Telma Solutions has proven expertise in Infrastructure Management Services ensuring that your IT environment is safe, productive, and up to date. Our expert teams have the right combination of experience and expertise to manage infrastructure across different products and applications from a variety of software manufacturers, including Oracle, Microsoft, Movex and more.

Application Management Services

Telma Solutions enables enterprise-wide management of business-critical applications and systems to ensure uninterrupted operations. Telma’s Application Management services help organizations to optimize and integrate operations, reduce costs, focus on their core objectives and drive business growth.

Telma Solutions provides Application Management Services across JD Edwards CNC, JD Edwards WorldSoft and SAP BASIS.

Infrastructure Application Support

Telma Solutions provides services in various Infrastructure domains such as data center, networking, client services, and Information security. Telma Solutions has partnered with top rated companies for storage manager and virtualization deployments.

Telma’s deployment experience in these domains has been widely recognized by industry leaders and major OEMs. Customers are benefiting from architecture, design, deployment and infrastructure project/program management experience for successful delivery.